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Why is the car a status?


Dodge 5Within the society it is widely acknowledged that status symbols differentiate people from another. It is debatable whether this is good or bad, but status symbols are all around us. Just take a look at your own clothing. Do you wear a particular brand or do you don’t care? It is likely that you have chosen this brand on purpose. Because you think that the brand is a representation of an attribute. For example, if you wear an Adidas sneaker, you want to communicate that you are into sports.

Not only clothes are a status symbol. But cars are as well. So if you drive a particular car it says a lot about you. Let´s take a Mercedes Benz. When Janis Joplin sang oh Lord won´t you be a Mercedes Benz, it wasn´t a coincidence. Rather it was an expression that in that period of time, a Mercedes Benz was a car that everyone wanted to drive, but only a few people were able to pay the price for the Mercedes Benz. Most people weren´t able and that aspect hasn´t change ever since. Even today, when everything has to be cheap, Mercedes are still pretty expensive.

But why are certain brands more expensive than others?

Well there are different explanations for this. First of all, the material. The product can only be as good as the materials are. When the manufacturer buys only cheap materials, it is likely that the product will not last very long. Second of all, the price consists of the money the employee gets for his work. If this money is not in the price, where else could it be? Of course, the boss of the company has to earn money as well, strictly seen, he or she is an employee of the company as well. Then there is the company.

The company wants to earn money, in order to survive. Last but not least the high price is based on the luxury label the brand has. Take Rolex for example. It is in fact a watch. But the watch is worn by people who have little bit more money and they want to differentiate themselves through the watch.

We brag differently

It is pretty much the same with a car. It says a lot about you, if you drive a nice Dodge or if you drive a standard car Dodge 3that everyone else is driving. Of course, one might argue that cars are in general too expensive, but at the end of the day, we all like to show what we have.

Fortunately, many people like Dodge cars. That is no surprise. Since the manufacturer has done many things correct and has build a brand that has lasted for years and surely will last many years in the future. If you want to buy or sell a Dodge car, we recommend you to take a look at this website first. There are many things you have to consider when you want to make good money. These tips are presented in the other article.
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How to get the most profit when you sell your car


BusinessEvery man loves his car. There is no doubt about that. It is a sort of relationship that one has with his car. The first time driving it, the many times when the situation was dangerous and the exciting trips on the weekend. All these things are memories and it is for every car owner hard, when he or she has to sell the car. So why don´t you make the most of it? Here is how you can benefits the most, when you sell your car.

Choose the channels wisely

Let´s say you are going to call a newspaper and ask them if they can publish your ad. They will be more than happy to do so. But is this channel the channel where your potential customers are? Well, that question cannot be answered right away. You have to do some research, in order to get to know where your potential customers are. But how can you do that. Show your social skills and your empathy. When you think of your potential customer, who do you see? A college dropout, a middle age man, a business woman or a man that will become a father in the near future? When you have a clear picture of your potential customer, ask yourself which media do they use. Will they take a look at an online platform or will they look into the newspaper?

Make sure that your car is in very good shape

While this is common sense, most people forget about this. If you want to sell something, make sure that it looks pretty good! The underlying rationale is that something that doesn’t look good, is probably not worth anything and therefore money will not be transferred in exchange. So if you want to sell your car, go to the car wash first. Spend money on a high quality program and make sure that you get good polish. After that make sure that it smells good. Yes the smell is important, since it is an oral representation of what happened in the car. Did you smoke in the car? Well, too bad. That wouldn’t be a good catch, especially for someone who doesn´t smoke.

Be kind to your customers

This is actually common sense too, but most people aren´t really nice to their potential customers. But why is that? It Rainis pretty much the same, when you scream at your customers that they have to leave your shop. No one would do that, right? So if you meet someone, make sure that he or she feels comfortable. It is actually no big deal and will affect the whole process positively.

And remember: It is the small things. Make sure you look good. Clean your shoes, wear a nice shirt and make sure that your looks good. Offer your customer a coffee and if you are bad in having a small talk, make sure your small talk skills are pretty good when you meet your potential customer.

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